International Workforce Tax Consultants, LLC
International Assignment Tax Services
International Workforce Tax Consultants, LLC provides International Assignment Tax Services to companies of all sizes and levels, who have an expatriate population of up to 100 assignees.
We have contacts accross the world who can assist us with our clients' host country expatriate tax compliance and planning needs.

Our services to Employers include:
  •  Tax planning for assignments and review of assignment letters to help align tax costs with broader business goals 
  • Assistance in structuring competitive compensation programs that help companies manage income and employment taxes 
  • Accumulation and reporting of expatriate and foreign national compensation, reconciliation of international payroll data for year-end wage reports
  • Preparation of US payroll forms W4 and 673 to  determine US income tax withholdings in light of anticipated foreign earned income exclusions and foreign tax credits 
  • Preparation and review of International Compensation Balance Sheets
  • Preparation of tax gross-up calculations
  • Consultations regarding expatriate and foreign national payroll withholding and reporting requirements
  • Preparation or review of company international assignment and tax equalization policies
  • Consultations regarding income tax treaty planning and worldwide reporting requirements
  • Consultations regarding tax planning opportunities during the year of departure and the year of repatriation

Identifying tax and related issues for separation from employment  or changing employers in connection with  international assignments and settlement of tax equalizations

  • Consultations regarding social security implications of cross border employee transfers
Our services to Employees include:
  • Preparation of US individual income tax returns for expatriates and foreign nationals
  • Preparation of annual tax equalization, tax protection, and / or tax reconciliation calculations
  • Preparation of estimated hypothetical tax withholding calculations
  • Preparation of foreign bank and financial account reports
  • Estimated tax calculations and coordination of the required estimated tax payments
  • Home and host country tax orientations with the international assignee
  • Representations before-  and communications on the taxpayer's behalf- with the tax authorities
  • Consultations for US persons residing outside of the United States including substantial experience with state tax residency issues, planning for stock option exercises, international real estate

Our accounting services include:

Specialized bookeeping services utilizing Quickbooks
Payroll administration
Cash flow forecasting
Preparation of corporate and partnership income tax returns for small businesses


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